What We Do

Masons Engineers (NZ) Ltd has 60 years’ experience in providing New Zealand with professional engineering solutions for Materials Handling and Environmental Treatment. We have now extended our offer with Energy Efficient Lighting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and exterior applications.

We are exclusive distributors of the E-Photon and E-Stello range of LED lighting product and replacement LED lighting engines to retrofit traditional light sources.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

We offer lighting design confirmation and technical support service for electrical engineers, consultants and architects, using professional lighting design software.

Additional Services


Contact us to today for a consultation on your next specification or retrofit. Our Illumination engineer (Tech IES) has 16 years’ experience in industrial, commercial and exterior lighting applications. Our professional lighting consultation process encompasses all lighting regulations and guidelines providing you with solution to help you make a more informed decision for your organisation.

Lighting Design

At MasonsLED we provide a professional lighting design service complying with lighting regulations and guidelines. We use the latest AGI32 professional lighting design software. This software provides an accurate simulation of the lighting intensity and distribution in your space or environment. We accept your reflected ceiling plans or plan view in dxf or dwg formats. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

 Light Specification

Our LED product range meets high levels of certification for lighting requirements and is the result of a comprehensive design and strict vetting process. We achieve LM-79 and LM-80 for most of our specification product and backed up with a trustworthy warranty. We visit numerous international light shows and work with leading supply partners in our industry to keep up to date with this rapidly evolving technology, without compromising on quality and value.

 Energy Auditing

Are you aware of what component of energy is used for your current lighting? Contact us today for a simple energy audit and find out how we can save you energy and maintenance costs for your lighting. Start saving on your energy bill and help us create a more sustainable environment for the future.